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Areas of Expertise


Upon analyzing a customer's goals and requirements we can suggest an overall approach and high-level architecture, based on many factors including, time-frame, budget, and existing technology. Our analysis can include platform and product suggestions, high-level software architecture, database design, and infrastructure considerations.

In addition to undertaking new development efforts, we can help you stress test existing applications to find performance bottlenecks, and analyze possible solutions.

Application Development:
We can take on outsourced software projects, or provide consultants to work on-site. Our associates can work on multiple segments of a project, or for a larger customer simply focus where necessary. We employ component-based architectures for re-use and faster development. With Java, we architect solutions that are truly write once-run anywhere, for deployment on both Unix and Windows environments, and we have successfully developed database independent applications.

Application Enhancement:
Often times, customers have existing systems that need to be enhanced. Whether this means migrating to later platforms, different vendors, adding support for internationalization, or increasing scalability, our organization has the skills and experience to get the job done. We also have experience integrating disparate systems, and web-enabling current applications.