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IT Services is a consulting organization providing a broad range of information technology services and solutions. Our team's wide range of experience allows us to offer everything from enterprise software development to network design and implementation. Our focus is to deliver high-quality solutions, while shortening the time to market. Whether you are web enabling an existing application, undertaking a new project, adding features to an existing product, or scaling up your solution, our skills and resources can contribute to your success.

Our organization is committed to provide clients with flexible service and solutions. Our resources enable us to take on outsourced projects, or provide consultants to work on-site. We can provide services for the full lifecycle or any single phase of a software project, including requirement gathering, architectural design, implementation, integration and deployment. When choosing technology to solve a problem, we recognize that there are multiple solutions to get the job done. Although we see a high demand for, and provide Java based software solutions, we strive to select the technology that will bring the most benefit to our clients, based on factors including current systems, future direction, scalability and budget.

As technology continues to move forward our associates remain current on the latest developments, which allows us to offer our clients the newest solutions, including Web Services, voice applications, and wireless. Our team is up-to-date with the latest improvements in J2EE technologies and Microsoft's .NET.

IT Services is a core group located in the Boulder-Denver area, but modern communication capabilities allow us to maintain relationships with Associates, Partners and Clients around the world. Our relationships with other IT professionals and organizations enable us to tackle larger projects by scaling up available resources to meet workload.

IT Services staff has worked on many successful IT projects of various size, and gained vast knowledge and expertise. This experience can make us a successful partner to your next technological venture.